Congratulations Supervisors!

The Lancaster Workforce Development Board in conjunction with Career Ready Lancaster sponsored Mentor Training for Front Line Supervisors.  Supervisors throughout the county and beyond attended the training over the course of 3 sessions.  Supervisors who attended the training are role models for hundreds of people daily.  The course was about becoming a mentor in day to day interactions with others, with or without a formal mentor program in place.  

Mentoring can be formal or informal.  Some companies have formal mentor programs in place with scheduled meeting dates, agendas and activities.  Some companies focus their mentoring efforts on new employees, providing additional support during the first 6 months of employment.   Other companies give employees time off to mentor youth in the community.    Community organizations offer mentoring programs, such as the Lancaster Chamber.  Ultimately mentoring happens when people with more experience share what they know and help to guide others. 

Finding a wise teacher who will guide you in the right direction is not easy. But, once you find that person whom you can look up to, you will then be able to find your interests and explore your talents.

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