High Five

Are you Career Ready?

There are 5 top skills that are important to navigating any successful career path. We call these the High 5: Resilience, Integrity, Problem Solving, Communication, and Teamwork. These skills are in all of us and, with practice, can be applied in any work environment. Explore below to learn more about the High 5 skills in detail and reflect on how you already possess them!


The ability to persist through adversity or change and never give up on yourself or your team. Talk about a time you were not successful the first time or you made a mistake.  

How did you fix it?

What did you learn?


The ability to be honest and take ownership of your actions, regardless of the consequences. Talk about when you had to make a tough decision to do the right thing, despite backlash.  This could be a time when you spoke up about something or did what you thought was right – even if it wasn’t the popular opinion. 

How did it feel?

Would you do it again?

Problem Solving

The ability to think through complex issues, identify and create solutions to those issues. Talk about a time you had to find a solution to a difficult problem. This could even be a person who was difficult to work with or a solution for an ongoing work issue.

What was your goal?

Would you approach the problem differently next time?


The ability to effectively communicate with all different types of people in oral, verbal, written, and non-verbal forms. Ask yourself: How do you talk to leaders or lead by example?  What does that say about you as a teammate? When you work in a group, how do you use different ways to communicate (i.e. emails, face to face, DMs)? 

How do you talk to leaders?

How can you practice communication today? 


The ability to collaborate with others and compromise when necessary for the betterment of the team. Ask yourself:  What part do you usually play when you are part of the team? What do you add to the group? Where can you improve or let someone else shine? 

What team might you join?

How can you help others?