Career Directions

There are many directions you can take to build a life-long career. Here, you can experiment to get a better idea of what it is like on each different path. Take time here to explore each of the directions. You will find resources to help you better understand income (that is, how much money you could make), educational requirements, and other important factors when determining a direction.

Explore Career Directions

Entering the Workforce

Graduating from high school is an accomplishment and a springboard to many new growth opportunities. Going directly into the workforce requires that you make an action plan to achieve your goals.

Trade School / Certifications

Pursue career-focused, hands-on training in a certain trade or technical skill. The classes you take are focused primarily on your chosen career in technical training.

4 year college

For a career seeker who wants to explore different interests or wants to build a professional skill set beyond a certification, a 4-year program is often the right fit.

2 year college

Associate degrees prepare students for entry-level work, basic skills, and knowledge in their field of study.


Make money while you learn with an apprenticeship! Opportunities exist in a variety of fields from healthcare to legal to manufacturing.

Service Year

A Service or Gap Year, this is a great way to work, provide service to others, and learn while gaining personal insight.

Military Service

Serving in the armed forces have many benefits and risks. Serving in a military branch give an opportunity to learn and earn income while also serving our country.

Reskilling / Upskilling

Whether learning new skills (upskilling) in your current job, or learning new skills to do a different job (reskilling), training opportunities may exist right where you are.

Career Calculator

Find out how much you can expect to earn, what your education may cost you, or what the return on any investment in your career journey might bring. Career starts HERE with the Career Calculator.

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