Career Directions

Entering the Workforce

Graduating from high school is an accomplishment and a springboard to many new growth opportunities. Going directly from school to work is perfectly fine. The important thing is that you create and put into action a plan to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Financial commitment

Getting a good-paying job is a requirement for most people who need to bring in an income to pay for living expenses. You will have expenses such as rent, insurance, entertainment, transportation, food, and so on. Knowing what you need to make and what you can afford are important as you are searching for a job. Your family and friends can be a great resource in helping you put a budget together, and there are numerous online resources including this budgeting tool.

Time commitment

Often, students who take their time deciding what career to pursue do better in college because they have a real connection to clear goals. They also understand more about what they do and do not enjoy, before making a financial commitment to school.


Housing is up to you! You can choose to remain at home if that is an option or look for your own apartment close to where you work. Things to consider are transportation to and from work and how that might have an effect on where you choose to reside.

Required Education

The level of education and training you have will determine your income potential. People without their high school diploma or GED, often face many challenges to obtaining a sustainable job. If you are struggling to complete school or are losing interest, reach out to your guidance counselor, family, or community resources for support.

Career Opportunities

If you are excited about getting out of school and going to work, being open to learning new skills, regardless of where you start, is essential. It is important to remember: if you stop learning, you stop growing! Here’s a great resource to explore career opportunities near you.

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Entering the Workforce

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