The value of collaboration

People who have attended Career Ready Lancaster meetings have heard Peter Caddick, facilitator of CRL!,  review the CRL! “elevator speech”:

Career Ready Lancaster! is a career pathways partnership linking people to their career through collaboration of education, business, and community groups. Together we are developing a quality workforce for a strong local economy.  About – Career Ready Lancaster!

Collaboration doesn’t happen by accident.   It is a result of people coming together to achieve a common goal, a goal that can’t be accomplished individually.   Collaboration is energizing and fun.   When dedicated people get together to solve problems and share best practices, our community is elevated in new and unique ways. 

Career Ready Lancaster! is a movement, a force, a gathering of community.   This week, the Workforce Development Board will host an event with Lancaster SHRM. The event is entitled HR Rocks & Workforce WOW: Current Workforce Trends and Local Resources to Level Up Your Team.  The event will bring together workforce development and human resources professionals who share many of the same challenges and opportunities.  

These collaborative meetings and events around workforce development are happening across the county, with organizations small and large, rural, and urban.  Most of the collaboration goes unrecognized, because it is all in a day’s work, which it is.   But without collaboration, the work would have less impact and less potential.

Who are you collaborating with to recruit new employees or to retain the talent you have?  What organizations might help you to build your next generation of employees?   Join Career Ready Lancaster! in developing a quality workforce.   We can’t do it without you.   

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