Mentoring as a Workforce Development Strategy

Mentoring is a valuable workforce development strategy.  Even without a formal mentoring program in place, on the job coaching and mentoring will have a positive impact on company culture and employee growth opportunities.  Career Ready Lancaster! through a grant from the Workforce Development Board is sponsoring training for supervisors focused on using mentoring skills in …

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A Model Career Day

Many businesses want to partner with local school districts to help students with career exploration. Hosting a career day is a great way to get lots of students in the door, to see what jobs exist at a particular business, or industry, and more importantly to talk to people in those career fields and see …

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Investing in the Next Generation: Discovering Paths

For students, having a mentor has proved to be one of the most positive experiences for them as they explore careers and seek guidance, perspective, and insights from a leader in the community. Career Ready Lancaster! exists to link people to their career through collaboration of education, business, and community groups. We are developing a quality workforce for a strong local economy. We celebrate mentorship and help to promote it as a powerful career development tool.

Congratulations Supervisors!

The Lancaster Workforce Development Board in conjunction with Career Ready Lancaster sponsored Mentor Training for Front Line Supervisors.  Supervisors throughout the county and beyond attended the training over the course of 3 sessions.  Supervisors who attended the training are role models for hundreds of people daily.  The course was about becoming a mentor in day …

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The Value of Hard Work

Careers are built over time and have to start somewhere. Starting a career journey can be intimidating but with hard work, good communication, stepping out of comfort zones, integrity, follow-through, meeting deadlines, and asking questions, careers can launch. Daquan Pack is a Commercial Plumber with Ames Mechanical. He is a graduate of Thaddeus Stevens College …

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PHEAA Resources

Many parents have heard of PHEAA when their son or daughter begins talking about college and they begin figuring out how to pay for their child’s college experience.  PHEAA stands for Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency. Today, PHEAA is a national provider of student financial aid services, serving millions of students and thousands of schools …

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Constructing opportunities for future workers

Career Ready Lancaster! supports industry workforce development initiatives like the Lancaster-Berks Construction Connection, or LBCC. LBCC exists to stabilize and strengthen the construction industry in the region. The Lancaster-Berks Construction Connection launched in 2019 with the support of the Lancaster Workforce Development Board. It is comprised of industry professionals volunteering their time to ensure a …

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The Bench Mark Program – A Powerful Mentoring Model

Research shows unequivocally that mentoring is a good business practice. It leads to greater retention and diversity and creates work environments that are supportive and attractive to job seekers.