Career Pathways needed

Retaining workers is a conversation many companies are having.  The need for clear career pathways is a conversation many job seekers want employers to be having.  Where will I go?  How long will it take me to get there?  How much money can I make along the way?  What will I learn as I go?”  Employees want to know.  

Through a grant from the Lancaster County Workforce Development Board, Career Ready Lancaster! was able to host two career path workshops for HR professionals. The workshops were based on competency models.  A competency model is a tool that can be used to assess the skills needed for a particular job, or industry.  They can serve as a hiring and training tool and provide a foundation for the development of career pathways.  Workshop participants got started on creating career pathways for their employees.

Career Ready Lancaster will be launching a career pathways collection drive, reaching out to companies to collect their career pathway charts and visuals to share with students and job seekers across the county.  These career pathways will serve to market the growth opportunities that companies in Lancaster have to offer.   A template will be provided to make creating a career pathway flow chart easier.

Gone are the days when employers can say, “stick with me kid, you’ll go places.”  People need to see it before they can believe it. 

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