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We’re glad you’ve come here to explore! Career exploration is a lifelong journey and, like with any journey, you have to start somewhere.

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The great thing about pursuing a career is the many wonderful things you can learn and discover along your path. Get inspired as you review individual career journeys, different profiles of professionals at local companies, and even take a tour of some of our local businesses. We hope here you can see how many different ways there are to navigate your career choices.

Will and Nate

Introducing Will and Nate from the Benchmark Program — a mentoring based fitness program that helps students gain skills that prep them for the workforce. They also help students set the goals that set them up for a career journey.

There are several important questions to ask yourself as you embark on this adventure and it is TOTALLY okay if you don’t know the answers right now, because this is part of the journey…

Are you Career Ready?

What are you interested in?

What career options would you like to consider?

What do you imagine it takes to get into that career?

What do you imagine your life could look like if you choose this career?