Career Profiles

The great thing about pursuing a career is the many wonderful things you can learn and discover along your path. Get inspired as you review individual career journeys, different profiles of professionals at local companies, and even take a tour of some of our local businesses. We hope here you can see how many different ways there are to navigate your career choices.

Northwest Ems

Will and Nate


Introducing Will and Nate from the Benchmark Program — a mentoring based fitness program that helps students gain skills that prep them for the workforce. They also help students set the goals that set them up for a career journey.


Medical Office Associate, Penn State Health

This is Laura, a Medical Office Associate with Penn State Health. Going straight from school to work has allowed her to learn on the job and have longevity in a field that she absolutely loves.


Team Lead, Turkey Hill Dairy

Meet Michael, he works at Turkey Hill as a Team Lead. He started right out of high school and has enjoyed the problem solving and ongoing education that his roles have provided him at Turkey Hill.


Medical Assistant, Penn Medicine

This is Myles, he’s a Medical Assistant at Penn Medicine. His career includes working with patients and paying attention to the details. He does a lot of work over the phone and enjoys the interactions he has with patients each and every day.


Technical Support Consultant, Cargas Systems

Meet Edgar, a Technical Support Consultant with Cargas. He absolutely loves problem solving and utilizing his team to figure out the challenges that he comes across in his career.