A Model Career Day

Many businesses want to partner with local school districts to help students with career exploration. Hosting a career day is a great way to get lots of students in the door, to see what jobs exist at a particular business, or industry, and more importantly to talk to people in those career fields and see the work in action, rather than simply reading about it, or never learning about a potential career at all. Most students for instance are not familiar with the multitude of career opportunities that exist in health care.

Penn Medicine Lancaster General is not waiting for students to discover the career opportunities that exist in health care. They hosted about 155 students from Lancaster County high schools who were invited to attend a “Day in the Life Event” providing a hands-on education day for students as they develop their career plans in the future.

Students were engrossed in the hands-on activities including feeling a pig lung, watching a live ultrasound of a real baby, doing heart compressions to music, holding a pig heart, learning about many different career paths. The event was energizing, fun, and informative. There is no doubt that some of the students will pursue a career in health care. The day also included an opportunity to job shadow in a student-selected area of choice

For businesses wanting to partner more intentionally with local school districts, a school directory can be found on the CRL! website. The easiest thing to do is sign up at Inspire Lancaster, to offer students job shadowing experiences, career days, guest speakers, internships, and mentor opportunities. There is something for every business, regardless of your size or resources. Signing up for Inspire can be done in a matter of minutes and is free!

While not every business can host a “Day in the Life” event, every business can support student career exploration in some way. Start with Inspire Lancaster, or the CRL! School Directory but start. Students are waiting for an invitation to explore careers opportunities at your business.

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