A hand up in affording higher education

Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning has been helping Lancaster County students attain higher education by providing interest-free loans since 1961. Our program not only helps students afford higher education, but also helps them understand the responsibility of financial management without the burden of interest and fees as well as the importance of giving back to help future students. Former loan recipient Mackenzie would like to share her story:

“I graduated from Lebanon Valley College with a bachelor’s in exercise science in 2019 and then graduated from LVC again in 2021 with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. I am currently a Pediatric Physical Therapist. My favorite part of my job is working with kiddos through play-based interventions to help them achieve things they and their families never thought possible. Providing hope and working towards the families’ goals so that the kids are just able to be kids is so rewarding! My advice for current college students would be to follow your passion. If you care deeply about your career path, the impact you can make is boundless! Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning loans allowed me to pursue my dreams without the stress of interest accruing while I was in school. As someone who graduated with a pretty substantial amount of loans, it made all the difference to have some that were interest free. Working with you all has been easy and you have made my experience as stress free as possible! Thank you so much for helping me make my dreams a reality and in turn impacting countless kiddos that I work with each day!”

~Mackenzie L. 

Our hand-up helped Mackenzie earn her degree which prepared her for the valuable work that she enjoys so much. If you or someone you know are a resident of Lancaster County planning to attend an accredited post-secondary institution full time during the 2024-25 academic year, you may apply for an interest-free loan at www.lancdollars.org from 2/1/24 through 4/30/24. If you believe in the value of higher education and would like to support students in our community please consider making a donation. Our website provides details.

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